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Slovak Sinfonietta / Štátny komorný orchester Žilina
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The chamber ensemble of the Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina

Miroslav IVANIŠ, oboe, artistic leader
Marián CHLÁDECKÝ, clarinet
Vladimír HVIZDÁK, bassoon

The ŽILINA WIND TRIO was founded in 1987 on the intiative of professional musicians who were members of the ŠKO Žilina, as a natural reflection of their relationship with chamber music and their performances in small chamber groups.  They have presented many concerts in Slovakia, especially in the Fatra House of Arts in Žilina.  Besides these, they appeared at various events such as the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Slovak Nationhood in Martin in 1988; the opening of the performance competition of the Slovak Republic, in Banská Bystrica in 1989; many art show openings; in yearly concerts arranged by the SSZ in the Mirbach Palace in Bratislava; and others.  Compelling performances on the stage led to performances on Slovak Radio.  These, in turn, led to a large number of high-quality studio recordings as well as recordings of live concerts intended for public broadcasting.  As members of the SSZ and associated chamber groups, they have performed in almost every European country, the USA, Tunisia, Japan and Brazil. The group's wide repertoire reaches from the Baroque to the contemporary, including Slovak compositions.  In 2003 their first CD contained works by Milhaud, Martinů, Arrieua, Mozart, Ibert and anonymous 18th century composers.

Miroslav IVANIŠ (b. 1964) graduated from the Žilina Conservatory, studying with Milada Hrianková, and from the the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava as a student of Jozef Ďurdina.  During his student years he won first and second prizes in the Competition for Slovak Conservatory Students, and first place in the Duškova Competition in Prague.  Since 1986 he has belonged to the SSZ, with whom he has also been soloist, and has appeared as soloist with the Archi di Slovakia.  He is a teacher at the Žilina Conservatory.

Marián CHLÁDECKÝ (b. 1965) studied at the Žilina Conservatory, in the class of Pavol Bienik, and at the High the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with Jozef Lupták.  The completion of his studies was marked by a performance in 1989, with the SSZ, of the Concerto in F-minor by Weber in 1989, after which he became the Orchestra's first clarinetist.  At the same time, he participated successfully in several master classes and competitions.  He also taught at the Academy of Art in Banská Bystrica.  In addition to his performing activities, he is recognized for his work in repairing wind instruments in Slovakia.

Vladimír HVIZDÁK (b. 1960) graduated from the Žilina Conservatory in the class of Vladimir Šalaga.  He won first and third prizes in the Competition for Slovak Conservatory Students (1978, 1980). He played in the opera orchestras of Opava and Olomouc (CZ), joined the SSZ in 1987, and teaches at the Žilina Conservatory.

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