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Let's turn over a new leaf - House of Art Fatra Žilina

Project facts

Project promoter: State Chamber Orchestra Žilina (Slovak Sifnonietta)

Project Number: SK-CULTURE-0010

Status: In implementation

Initial project cost: €997,177

Donor Project Partners: POTFAJ A3A

Other Project Partners: MUSICA CLASSICA ŽILINA, civic association (c.a.)




Project objective is to create conditions for an improved art experience and for increasing the usability potential of Fatra House of Arts, by renovating its exterior facades and by refurbishing its internal facilities.
The restoration includes two fundamental stages, indispensable for a general renovation: A. Historically authentic renovation of facades and windows, where the art elements on it will be fully renovated, the original inscription “Grand Bio Universum” on the main facade attic will be restored and the doors and windows will be entirely replaced according to historical sources, with the addition of double-pane insulation glass. It will attract more new visitors and  will delight the views of tourists  and residents of the city. 
B. Renovation of the concert hall according to the requirements of KPÚ Žilina (Regional Monuments Board). It includes a) Update of the lighting system; b) Stage expansion; c) Flooring renovation and reconstruction; d) Renovation and addition of seats


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