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Slovak Sinfonietta / Štátny komorný orchester Žilina
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SSZ in Berlin

27. 10. 2015
Rotes Rathuas in Berlin

Rastislav Štúr, conductor
Jakub Čižmarovič, piano 
Dušan Jamrich, recitator 1
Štefan Bučko, recitator 2
Slovak Philharmonic Choir
Jozef Chabroň, choirmaster



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concerto No. 25 in C, K. 503

Egon Krák





Melodrame  for 2 narrators,, mixed choir and

orchestra on Ludevít Štúr and his generation´s lyrics



The Tomb of Jan Holly ( L.Štúr )


Invocation I

Dream of Babylon (J.Botto ) / Two ancient Poems ( J.Kráľ )

Let´s consort play…(J.Botto )


Invocation II

Thirsty beside a spring / Waste land filius  ( J.Kráľ )

Christmas Carol ( J.Botto )


Intermède / Interludium

Deus Creator ( A.Sládkovič – Braxatoris )


Invocation III

About love ( A.Sládkovič – Braxatoris ) / It will be...( S.Chalupka )


Invocation IV

Oh, among valleys ( J.Kráľ ) / Pilgrim ( J.Botto )


Invocation V

Marína ( A.Sládkovič – Braxatoris )


PhDr. Egon KrákArtD. (25 03 1958), Bratislava, Slovakia, EUROPE

Professor of Composition and Music Theory

Born 1958 in Bratislava. 1977 – 1982 studies of theory of music at Academy of Music and Drama (AMD) in Bratislava, concurrently studying composition privately (with Juraj Pospíšil, Dušan Martinček and Ilja Zeljenka). 1984 – 1991 editor of books and sheet music at OPUS Publishing House, later active as independent editor and producer in the field of original audio-visual arts programmes, music director (OPUS, Slovak Radio, Slovak Music Fund, Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina etc.). 1991 founder of music-history series Artis Musicae Monumenta Slovaca (AMMS). Since 1988 teacher at Faculty of Music of the AMD Bratislava as lecturer, since 1996 as teacher of theory and history of music. Since 1997 vice-dean of the Faculty of Music of the AMD. 1995 founder and artistic director of Renaissance music ensemble Chorus Angelorum. In 2003 and 2006 took part on international research in Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, France.

Egon Krák is well known as a composer, arranger, editor, researcher, producer and scholar, particularly in Europe. He was dean of the Faculty of Music at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, founder and artistic director of a choral ensemble for Renaissance music, was a chairman of Slovak Composer´s Union, member of the board of the Melos-Ethos Festival of Contemporary Music in Bratislava, and a member of the Slovak Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music.

His works were performed at many festivals -  Prague, Vienna, London, Paris, festival Musica sacra contemporanea in Santa Maria Maggiore, Roma, (1992) and World  Music  Days, organized by ISCM, Bucarest / 1999, USA , 2003, 2008. Last performances: Missa pro defunctis -Requiem, Slovak Philharmony, Bratislava  2008, Jazzphony Concerto ( Bratislava Music Festival 2010 ) , ELF Symphony in Slovak Philharmony 2011, Kotowaza Symphony, 2011 ( Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina ),

Teacher on  Faculty of Music and Dance, Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava from 1988 to 2003. Period 1997 – 2002, Vice Dean. International Relations Office Director / from 2004 / in Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica,   Dean of the Faculty of Music in Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica / 2005-2008 / , Rector and Professor of composition, Academy of Music and Arts Ján Albrecht, Banská Štiavnica,

Director of Chorus angelorum ensemble / 1995 /, international Early Music Ensemble.

Realized in 1996-2001: Project  CANTIONES SACRAE,  Sacred Songs in Slovakia,

vol.I.,II.,III.- CDs,  OPUS Bonton Music Fund, Bratislava, EDICO.SK , 2001

Educational and Trainings  Projects

EUROMUSE  / 2000 /, VOCALISSIMO / 2004 -2008 / CARPENTARIUS / 2004-2006 /, international educational programs, research, performance practice / , organized in  Slovakia, Italy, France and Austria. Project  Leader and Coordinator of Trainings Programs and Performance practice Projects, Cultural  Weeks in  Florence 2001 -  2008, organized by  Fondazione Romualdo  Del Bianco Florence, Italy.

Active as a teacher and Project coordinator at the Universities and Conservatoires in  Italy, Austria, Finland, France, USA, Portugal, Czech Republic and Poland.

Early music  research and performances /Anonymous, Ockeghem, Dunstable, Praetorius, Willaert, Mouton, Ján Silván, Julian Héray a.o.. Research Stay at Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles / 2003, 2006, 2008 /, scientific and research program collaboration -  took part on reconstitution of works by Henry Desmarest, Nicolas Bernier and other 17th century French baroque music pieces.

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