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20th anniversary of the Big Band of Žilina Conservatory

11. 04. 2013, 0700 p.m.

20th anniversary of the Big Band  of Žilina Conservatory

The Young Swing Generation

Conductor: Marek Pastírik
Singer: Barbora Švidraňová

Nothing but Swing Trio:
Klaudius Kováč, piano
Róber Ragan, contrabass
Peter Solárik, percussions




The Žilina Conservatory Big Band was established in 1993. It was founded by a former graduate - trombonist Miro Belorid, generously assisted by A. Coufal, artistic director of the Žilina Big Band, who helped shape jazz life in Žilina. After only two months of training, the Band made its first public appearance. This was followed by a number of performances all over Slovakia. The highlight of its first season was participation in the Slovak Jazz Festival in Žilina in 1993, where it won the Big Band Jury Prize. Two years later, at the Parade of New Faces in Slovak Jazz, in the Bratislava “Jazz Christmas”, the Band won the First Prize for Interpretation. In 1997 the Band was invited to the prestigious Slovak jazz festival "Bratislava Jazz Days" where it performed with singer Peter Lipa and trombonist/composer Pavol Zajačko. In August 1998 the Band made its first recordings, making a successful set of records in their eight concerts in Calabria, Italy. The Band has worked with the SSZ Žilina since 1994, performing in the cycle of young artist concerts called "Series M," presenting educational concerts and matinees for children and parents. After the early death of Mira Belorid, two excellent musicians took over the leadership of the Band - his son Braňo Belorid and Marek Pastírik – and the Band is currently led by saxophonist Marek Pastírik.

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